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GQF Type Superficial DAF


      Liquid and solid separation technology and its equipment are the essential factor of the drainage treatment process. While dissolved air flotation is the most effective method for removing micro suspended solids whose specific density is near that of water.

      This water supply and sewerage treatment device is widely applied in waterworks removing alga , varec and other turbic water from the nature lake and river; Industrial sewage treatment project such as petro-chemistry, textile, printing and dyeing, electroplating, tanning, food industry and other fields; Recycling the useful material in sludge water like fiber recovery on paper, pulp industry.

二、Type and Its Indication

GQF   —— Treatment capacity(m3/h)

——Superficial DAF



※Shallow effective water depth: between 600mm and 750mm

※Shorter time for hydraulic retention in the tank: (5~10mins) 

※Large purification capacity, namely with high surface load.

※Take up small footprint with no operating room and light load feature and all prefabricated assembly to facilitate overhead or multi-layer combination mounting.

※Low-cost for installation and maintenance, easy to clean.

※High degree of purification, algae and other suspended solids removal rate over 90%, concentrated sludge concentration can reach 35%.

※The device uses GFA-type dissolved gas system that clever structure, efficiency of up to 90% of dissolved air, the volume is general one-fifth of dissolved air system, with the other dissolved gas devices do not have the super anti-clogging ability.

四、Structure and its working procedure

  Air-floated separation technology is a very good way of purifying water from suspend solid by releasing pressed saturated air water to make its generated air micro bubble contacting with suspended floc fully, which will form flotation sludge to be scrapped out of water by its scrapper .

  Our device is an advanced quick-speed floatation system with all flocculation , floatation, skimming , mud scrapping together under successful use of the "shallow theory" and the "principle of zero speed" to gain high efficiency. 

  In order to make up shortcomings of the traditional unit, we design raw water inlet and purified water outlet as movable to save bubble floating time of raw water, namely, while raw water is flowing into the tank, the pool pipe water flow opposite way to make raw water in the pool nearly in static condition , by this way, the bubble can float to the surface quickly like SS flotation speed (4-10 minutes) , meanwhile , the purified water can be drained out when its pipe move here. Due to its compact round design with inlet and outlet pipes installed on rotating rack to generate centripetal moving with nearly zero speed , which will make the suspended solid fast floats on original water surface and then been purified within 3 minutes . 

   This equipment is cylindrical and compact in structure, including flotation tank, rotating water distributor, dissolved air release system, rotating rack, water collection device, scum skimmer, dissolved air system, reflux pipe, electric cabinet and etc. Inlet, outlet and sludge discharge outlet are all installed on the rotating area where water distributor, water collection device, dissolved air release system are connected to frame closely, rotating around the flotation tank center.This device provides module integrated equipment assembly by adopting both centralized and decentralized control system to realize the best operating condition. 

五、Process flow diagram

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