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        Located in thebeautiful industrial city—Xishan district of Wuxi, Wuxi Gong Yuan Group, as aprofessional developer and manufacturer of water treatment equipment, is aprovincial private scientific and technological enterprise who has contractedan alliance with CAS, Jiangnan University, and Changzhou University.

Consistedof three subsidiary corporations——Wuxi Gong Yuan mechanicalcorporation, Wuxi Gong Yuan environmental corporation, Wuxi Gong Yuan automaticcorporation, Gong Yuan Group insists on the concept of “industry professionalswork to source-oriented”, focusing on improving water environment, enhancingautomation level and providing cost-effective technical equipments andservices.

        Our realistic,innovative Gong Yuan teams continuously apply our many-year rich experiencesinto various conventional projects and water treatment problems flexibly. Wehave many successful achievements such as PetroChina, Sinopec, CNOOC, StartlakeGroup, Topfond Pharmaceutical Group, Jilin Chemical Group, Haier Group, HarbinPharmaceutical Group, Shineway Group, Yurun Group, Wahaha Group, YiliIndustrial Group, Qingmao Textile Corporation, Zhejiang Yinan PrintingCorporation, Jinyu textile corporation, Tjoy group, Kubota Corporation, PAQUES,Bluestar Group, Sujin gas group, Chia Tai Group and other famousenterprises, which witnesses our reputation including engineering contractors,research and design units and the majority of users. Specialized in theR&D, manufacturing, service of DAF (Dissolved Air Flotation), Wuxi GongYuan Group has achieved a number of national patents.

        Our well-designed and made all series ofwater treatment equipment such as CAF (Cavitation Air Flotation), combined airflotation unit, multiphase DAF (Dissolved Air Flotation), high efficient AirFlotation machine, laboratorial DAF have features of excellent performance,beautiful appearance, easy operation and convenient maintenance. The companyhas a group of senior technical experts and consultants to cooperate with manydomestic famous research institutions and universities. Meanwhile, the companyalso has a well-equipped laboratory, related equipments and well-educatedprofessional staff to provide overwhelming full technical support and servicesfor customers and users. Each individual design and application, not onlycontinuously creates value for customers, but also enriches our own self-worthvalue.

        Wuxi Gong YuanGroup adheres to the core value of product quality and corporate reputation.Registered on 28th March, 2010, we have got the trademark of “GongYuan” from State Trademark Bureau. In April of that year, our products havebeen awarded by China Light Product Quality Assurance Center as “NationalQuality Trustworthy Product”. Meanwhile, we have got high recognition fromcounterparts and customers in the 7th China Water Industry Selection and hadthe reputation of “China’s best water treatment products supplier of 2010”.In2011,Wuxi Gong Yuan has been assessed as CCESC demonstration unit (Five Star) byinternational corporation center of NDRC and CNNIC. Also, we obtained thecertificate of “Wuxi AAA grade enterprise of observing contract and keepingpromise” by the municipal government. In May, 2013, our company was confirmedas Jiangsu private-own technical enterprise by the department of science andtechnology, Jiangsu provincial government.

        We are lookingforward that our high-qualified rich products and professional services willmake greater contribution to you on the improvement of water environment . 

National Toll-free Hotline: 400-0510-103

Industry professionals work to source-oriented

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